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Questions & Answers

What to Bring to Your First Visit

When you come into the office for the first visit you need to bring the following items with you:

1. Police Report / Operator's Report.

2. Drivers License.

3. Health Insurance Card.

4. Insurance Coverage Declaration Page for the Vehicle Involved in the Accident.

5. Discharge Instructions from the Hospital/Emergency Room Visit.

6. Medical Bills.

7. Other Documents Related to the Accident from your Insurance Company or Medical Providers.

What to Expect At Your First Visit

Discuss the Accident

You will obtain immediate consultation with Attorney Jennifer L. Cava-Foreman to discuss the facts of your accident. We will discuss the details of the accident and review the Police Report, if available. We will go into detail about how the accident happened, who was involved and where the accident happened.

Discuss the Injuries

If you were taken by Ambulance to a Hospital, will will discuss what medical care has been done and what care needs to be continued to make you better again.

Other Common Questions

Connecticut Accident Recovery Limitations

If the car accident happened in Connecticut, you can recover for your personal injuries if you received any form of medical care. The limitation on recovery is that a claim for injuries must be made within the TWO (2) year statute of limitation.

The Case Settlement Process

At the completion of your treatment, Attorney Jennifer L. Cava-Foreman will request your records from the treating doctors and they will make a demand for settlement upon the insurance company of the at-fault party. Settlement offers are generally received within thirty days of demand. Once the offer is received, negotiations begin resulting in a final offer by the Insurance Company. Once we get a final offer, you will have a meeting with Attorney Cava-Foreman to discuss you offer and next steps.

Beyond Settlement

Many personal injury or medical malpractice cases are settled before litigation. The negotiation stage begins once you have finished all necessary treatment. We begin by demanding a settlement value for your case to the insurance company. Negotiations will begin 30 days after the Insurance Company receives your demand package. We will aggressively negotiate with the adjustors on your case to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve.

If no agreement can be made at this stage, we have the option to you’re your case with the Court. Once your case is filed with the Court, both sides engage in discovery. After discovery is complete, you case may be set up for a Mediation to help each side get to an agreement on a settlement value. The case could also go to Arbitration, where an Arbitrator acts as a decision maker on what the injured person should recover. Or you case could be brought to trial in front of a Judge or Jury. At a trial, the Judge in a Bench Trial or the Jury in a Jury Trial would make the decision about how much the injured person receives.

Cava Law Firm is here to HELP YOU!

Call us right away and we will guide you through this process. If you do not have transportation to the office Attorney Cava-Foreman will come to your home, place of work or hospital bed to obtain information necessary to advocate for you.

Many medical providers will provide rides to-and-from your medical appointments, physical therapy visits or chiropractor visits.

Free Initial Consultation and NO fees to you until your case is settled!

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases a settlement/award can be reached. Call for a free case analysis. We will take the time to gather all the information and guide you to the best course of action.

Under Connecticut law, premiums may increase if you are found at fault in the accident.

You pay no fees until a settlement or verdict is reached. A written fee agreement will be given to you at your first appointment. It will outline the details of how we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Once you have finished treatment, it generally takes about 2-3 months to reach a settlement. Once a final offer has been obtained, we will discuss it with you and decide if it in your best interest to accept the offer or proceed to litigation. This part is the strategy behind your case, our goal is to yield the maximum results possible on your case.

If you have collision coverage on your insurance, you are automatically covered for property damage to your vehicle.

If you are found not at fault for an accident, your collision damage will be covered by the responsible party's insurance company.

If you are in an accident in a vehicle that you do not own, your medical bills and lost wages are covered by the insurance policy of the vehicle you were operating. Coverage can also be available if a member of your household owns a vehicle and carries valid insurance.

If you have rental on your insurance, you are automatically covered. If you do not have rental, we will contact the responsible party's insurance company to obtain authorization for a rental vehicle.

Your bodily injury will be covered under the uninsured/ under insured portion of your auto policy.

You will need to treat until you are released from the doctor coordinating your care. This will depend on the extent of your injury and how your body recovers from the traumatic event.

Yes lost wages can be covered by the at-faults party’s insurance company.

Medical Bills that are related to care from an accident are paid out by the at-fault party’s insurance carrier.