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Hartford, CT Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you are a motorcycle rider in Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, and New Britain, CT, you may find it to be a thrilling, convenient, and affordable mode of transportation and fun hobby. In addition, your motorcycle riding skills may be far above average but unfortunately, despite your safety precautions, riding a motorcycle can still be very dangerous and motorcycle accidents usually result in very severe injuries and fatalities.

No matter how careful of a motorcyclist you are accidents can still happen anywhere and anytime with other inattentive or negligent drivers. Since, motorcycles do not have the type of protective frame, body, and air bags, which automobiles provide riders are to more serious injury in the event of an accident.

Common Causes and Consequences of Motorcycle Accidents

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include speeding, bad road conditions, inclement weather, driver distraction, reckless driving, and driver inattention by the other motor vehicle drivers who are sharing the road.

Injuries from a motorcycle accident include: head injury, concussions, multiple fractured bones brain damage, leg injuries, arm injuries, knee injuries, broken ribs, paralysis and death. Riders may also suffer other economic losses from missed time at work, exorbitant medical bills and future loss of income as a result of permanent injuries, and more.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, then you may be entitled to seek compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

What to do after you have been involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, the following are recommended steps you should take:

1. Take pictures of the accident including pictures of your injuries, damaged motorcycle, and anything else from the scene of the accident that may be useful, if you are physically able.

2. Call the police and preferably, get the police to visit the scene of the accident to create a record of the accident in a police report.

3. You should immediately see a doctor to seek treatment for any injuries you may have sustained in your accident.

4. Consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at Cava Law Firm and share the details of the accident and plan the next steps in your care and treatment.

5. You should inform your insurance company about the accident.

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