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Motorcycle accident victims have the right to pursue economic and non-economic damages after a crash caused by someone else. However, this right to pursue compensation does not translate into the right to receive proper compensation. Insurance companies routinely pay victims less than they deserve. However, a motorcycle accident victim with a Holyoke motorcycle accident lawyer representing them is much more likely to get a proper payout.

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Cava Law Firm’s record of recovering client compensation shows that our team of motorcycle accident lawyers in Holyoke knows how to win. We understand the true value of our clients’ claims and are relentless in our pursuit of full damages. Insurance companies know that when Cava Law Firm is on the job, they will be paying what Cava’s clients deserve.

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Holyoke Motorcycle Accidents: Who Pays?

Determining the At-Fault Party

The at-fault party is responsible for paying damages in motorcycle accident cases. Victims can file a lawsuit to compel liable drivers through their insurance companies — to pay. However, there must be clear evidence of liability for motorcycle accident victims to get compensation.

Negligent and Unlawful Actions

Negligent and unlawful acts that cause accidents lead to liability. For example, a drowsy driver who T-bones a motorcycle rider would be liable for driving when unable to stay awake. Other negligent or unlawful acts include:

  • Drinking and driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Tailgating;
  • Improper lane changes;
  • Failure to signal; and/or
  • Failure to stop or yield.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about motorcycle accidents and compensation from the Q&A that follows. Please call us if you have further questions.

What is the statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accident victims must file a lawsuit or settle a compensation claim within three years of the accident. Minors have three years after their 18th birthday to do so.

Why should I hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Holyoke?

You need a Holyoke motorcycle accident attorney to prevent the insurance company from paying you less compensation than you deserve.

How much does a Holyoke motorcycle accident lawyer cost?

Holyoke motorcycle accident attorneys cost nothing until they win compensation. Once you have been awarded a settlement or a verdict, your motorcycle accident lawyer in Holyoke will take a percentage as their fee.

Does Massachusetts have a motorcycle helmet law?

Yes. Massachusetts motorcycle riders and passengers must wear helmets at all times.

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Winning Is NO Accident

If you need resources after a motorcycle accident, you do not have to settle for what the insurance company initially offers. The Holyoke motorcycle accident attorneys at Cava Law Firm can potentially recover significantly more than the amount of compensation initially offered by your insurance company.

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Attorney Christopher F. Cava is the founding partner of Cava Law Firm and possesses more than 25 years of trial experience. By focusing on personal injury, he provides better services to his clients by staying on top of the trends in the courts and remaining current on recent case law. Attorney Cava originally began his career in business with a background in accounting. His extensive knowledge of financial matters, the law, and the community ensures that clients recover every dollar they’re entitled to so they can be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
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