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Cava Law Firm Success Stories

Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

Medical Malpractice

$3,250,000 Settlement

Emergency room doctor and nurse failed to diagnose brain injury despite classic symptoms. (Associated with Boston Law Firm)

$3,000,000 Settlement

Infant contracted HIV from mother which would have been prevented with proper screening. (Associated with Boston Law Firm)

$1,250,000 Settlement

Child with delayed diagnosis of spinal cord tumor.

$775,000 Settlement

Emergency room doctor sends heart attack victim home with improper diagnosis. (Associated with Boston Law Firm)

$400,000 Settlement

Delay in patient treatment by emergency room staff and doctor.

$350,000 Settlement

Emergency room doctor and staff release patient without proper care.

$130,000 Settlement

Emergency room intubation caused vocal cord damage.

Auto Accident

$1,100,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Accident with significant injuries to limbs.

$400,000 Settlement

Accident Victim with 2 herniated lumbar discs and loss of earnings sues responsible party. ($40,000.00 was offer prior to filing suit)

$250,000 Settlement

Motorcycle accident with significant injuries.

$250,000 Jury Verdict

Six day Federal Court jury trial yields favorable verdict for client with multiple injuries. ($30,000.00 was offered prior to trial)

$75,000 Jury Verdict

Woman injured by a city employee and sustained neck injury. ($2,000.00 was offered prior to trial)

Homeowner Negligence

$400,000 Settlement

Guest at party burned while standing near fire pit.

$150,000 Jury Verdict

Pit bull owner and landlord found negligent for injured toddler.

Slip and Falls

$105,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall at local grocery store where customer broke hip.

$40,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall on untreated stairs day after snowstorm.

Accident at Amusement Park

$125,000 Settlement

Woman operating go-cart at amusement park is struck by another cart operated by a child under the allowed age and height requirement. ($10,000 was offered prior to suit)

$25,000 Settlement

Child at birthday party hit on head with baseball bat.

Estate Claim

$1,300,000 Award

Girlfriend of deceased sues estate for 20 years of services and care provided. ($0 was offered prior to filing lawsuit)

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