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Whether for transportation or recreation, motorcycle riding introduces the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, cars, trucks, and other vehicles all too often neglect to be observant or share the road appropriately with motorcyclists, sometimes causing serious accidents that necessitate the involvement of a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer. Quite often, seemingly minor collisions can lead to serious injuries.

Even for skilled and safe motorcyclists, accidents can happen when other drivers are negligent and refuse to drive with the caution and consideration that motorcycles deserve and require. After an accident, it is easy to paint the picture that a reckless or irresponsible motorcycle operator caused the accident. However, a negligent opposing driver may very well be at fault.

If you have experienced an accident while behind the handlebars, a motorcycle accident lawyer at Cava Law Firm can help you. Our attorneys are among the most compassionate and thorough motorcycle accident lawyers in Springfield.

We fight for motorcycle accident victims’ full and fair compensation.

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Why Choose Cava Law Firm?

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney’s Attributes Check All the Boxes

As the victim of a motorcycle accident, you need the advice and counsel of a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. As you well know, the injuries and impact of a motorcycle accident can be considerable. For many, life may never be the same. Between the expenses related to your medical care, loss of time (or possibly even the ability to work), and emotional trauma, the costs can be catastrophic. Integrating the need for immediate action, such as understanding the steps to take after a motorcycle accident, directly ties into ensuring you’re providing for the legal and recovery processes ahead.

While motorcycles offer less protection than cars, and accident victims tend to suffer more serious injuries, the fault of the accident often does not reside with the motorcycle operator. In fact, it is negligent action or inaction by others, a situation often handled by a Car Accident Lawyer in Springfield, which frequently causes these accidents to occur.

When this is true, filing a personal injury suit can help you recover damages to which you may be entitled. Our firm is well-versed in handling cases like this. We know what needs to be done and how to address any issues that may arise. In short, at Cava Law Firm we have the experience, perspective, and proven success a qualified motorcycle lawyer needs to have to handle your case appropriately. If you are seeking a personal injury attorney who can provide you with expert guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Choosing the right firm is important. Consider what we bring to the table.

  • Motorcycle Accident Experience: Led by Christopher Cava, we have provided high quality legal services (including those related to motorcycle accidents) to the local community for over 25 years. We have an in-depth understanding of Massachusetts personal injury law (under which motorcycle accidents fall), comparative negligence law, and first-hand experience in the Springfield court system. This combination leaves us well-situated to provide you the leadership you need.
  • Perspective: While many vehicle accidents have similarities, those involving motorcycles are unique. Motorcycle riders quite often are unfairly stereotyped as aggressive drivers who ignore traffic laws. This bias runs deep and can impact motorcycle accident lawsuits. Most people drive cars, so they often simply don’t understand the specifics of driving a motorcycle. But we do – and we can illustrate them during a case, educating those who are less knowledgeable and helping to provide much-needed information to maximize your settlement. In addition, it’s important to note the Uber and Lyft policies after an accident, as they may also play a significant role in the legal proceedings.
  • Record of Success: Well-known locally and throughout the state for our proven results, we approach each case with the same mindset – to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, leveraging our experience and the full resources of our firm. That said, we also know that no two situations are identical, and paying attention to specific details is critical. Our success is ultimately the result of our knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping our clients.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and sustained injuries, reach out to us today at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282) to schedule a free consultation.

What Our Springfield Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Do for You

Accidents Result in Questions and Lots of Work

As you recover from your motorcycle accident, you may begin to recognize its effect on your life. This realization likely leads to a host of questions. You may be asking yourself:

  • What is the total of my medical bills?
  • How long will I be out of work?
  • Can I even return to work?
  • Do I need long-term care?
  • What impact will this have on my family?

Each of these questions has an associated cost, and in many cases the figure is astronomical.

If your accident was the result of another’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation through filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Understandably, in your condition even the thought of engaging in the legal process can be overwhelming. This is where our Springfield motorcycle accident attorney can help.

We Manage Everything So You Don’t Have To

When you hire Cava Law Firm to represent you, rest assured that we will provide you with the highest quality legal services. Attempting to recover compensation for an accident on your own will be difficult because you may miss out on money you could be entitled too or rules that have to be followed against certain types of defendants. Our experienced Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer understands all of the separate pieces that help make a successful case.

If you have been hit by a car or other vehicle, we will help to build a solid case by:

  • Investigating the Accident: We review the police report, interview witnesses, and visit the actual scene of the accident.
  • Calculate Damages: We make sure the totality of your losses (including all economic and non-economic damages) are documented and proven.
  • Leverage Resources: Our team has relationships with a host of expert witnesses who can do everything from reconstructing the scene of an accident to substantiating costs for long-term care.
  • Complete and Submit Paperwork: We have hands-on experience managing the required documentation for personal injury lawsuits. Our team will submit correct forms in a timely fashion.
  • Negotiating With Insurance Company Representatives: Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who will work to maximize your settlement with all related insurance companies.
  • Litigate in Court: While we aim to settle cases during the negotiation phase, we never hesitate to take your case to court if we do not believe the settlement offered appropriately addresses your losses. Our motorcycle accident attorney is an aggressive litigator who fights tirelessly to protect your future.

At Cava Law Firm we provide exactly what our clients need — full and complete service. The lines of communication are always open, and we are always available to address their concerns as they arise.

Personal injury law can be confusing, and the legal process, in and of itself, is complex. No question is a silly question. Our clients know they can always reach out to us for additional information or explanation.

Working With a Motorcycle Attorney Is a Wise Choice

We Protect Your Best Interests

Contacting a Springfield motorcycle accident attorney will be one of the best calls you can make following an accident. Why? A motorcycle accident lawyer will fight on your behalf to recover fair compensation and to settle your accident claim while you focus on recovery.

After an accident, you will inevitably feel scared, stressed, and uncertain about what to do next. On top of that, insurance adjusters and representatives will try to reach you right away and push a settlement offer on you. Their goal is for you to sign a settlement that often severely undercuts the amount of damages and compensation needed to adequately cover accident-related expenses.

Don’t accept an insurance company’s initial settlement offer after your accident.

Instead, let a motorcycle accident lawyer help you maximize your compensation by negotiating for you.

If a negligent driver or other party was at fault for an accident, then you should not be stuck with medical debt, lost wages, and uncompensated pain and suffering, among other unfair consequences. Help is available.

Understanding Motorcycle Injury Compensation

Economic and Noneconomic Damages

You may be able to receive compensation if you have been injured in a Springfield motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. Injured motorcyclists should not be hampered by debt from medical bills and doctor visits and should not suffer financially if they are unable to work due to injury.

Speak with a Springfield motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss compensation you are eligible to receive. The amount you receive will depend on the extent of your injuries and specifics of your case. However, motorcycle accident compensation often consists of both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are those which are tangible and easy to calculate. They include:

  • Doctors’ visits and medical bills;
  • Future medical costs and therapies, including future operations, physical therapy, and other expenses;
  • Lost income and lost future wages if unable to work or unable to perform the same job; and
  • Property damage.

On the other hand, non-economic damages are more abstract. That said, they are very real, and the impact they have on one’s life is significant. These may include:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of consortium; and
  • Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement.

In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded. Such damages involve extra compensation for the victim, meant to punish the defendant for particularly reckless or dangerous behavior and actions.

Finally, when a motorcycle accident results in loss of life, a wrongful death case can be filed. Compensation in these cases may involve additional compensation for funeral expenses and other damages.

What to Do After You Have Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Your Actions Make a Difference

Thinking clearly after a motorcycle accident is difficult. You will be stressed, anxious, and even in shock during the moments after a crash. However, there are steps you should take that can protect your case.

After an accident, it is imperative to obtain essential information and evidence if you are in a condition to do so. Further, seeking medical attention and notifying authorities must be done as soon as possible. Finally, calling a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you are able to is recommended. A lawyer can help protect your rights and advise on next steps with the claims process.

After being involved in a motorcycle crash, follow these steps below:

  1. Call 911 and get medical attention – Injuries should be treated promptly. If you are unable to call 911, a bystander should call immediately. While motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries, even if you think you are okay you should seek medical care. You may have underlying issues that are not immediately visible. A medical evaluation is also a key piece of evidence for any accident claim or case.
  2. Request a police report – Be sure that you or a bystander calls the police and that officers report to the scene. A 911 call will usually signal both ambulance and police to respond. Once at the scene, police should obtain information and make a written report of the accident, which is also key evidence for a case.
  3. Inform your insurance company – While insurance companies often resist paying adequate compensation to accident victims, it’s still important to notify your insurance provider of the accident. You do not, however, have to provide very detailed information or speak about your condition. Saying you feel fine, for example, could be used to minimize your accident claim. Referring all inquiries to your attorney is the best course of action. Never agree to a settlement without discussing it with your legal counsel.
  4. Obtain driver information – Contact information from the other driver, including his or her driver’s license and insurance information, should be recorded. As your abilities permit, it is also wise to photograph the other driver’s car and take pictures of any damage, including any visible injuries.
  5. Call a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer – Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Springfield know how to help, whether it is by dealing with insurance companies on your behalf, keeping track of medical bills, or simply providing the support and advice needed to deal with the trauma after a crash. Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side from the start will be tremendously beneficial.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney Addresses Common Concerns

At Cava Law Firm, we are well aware that no two accidents are identical. That said, there are some similarities that result in common questions. Below we have shared those which are raised most often, along with our responses.

In Massachusetts, it is required by law that motorcycle operators and passengers wear a helmet while on the road. Absence of a helmet does not mean you do not have a case, however. Your motorcycle accident attorney can review the facts and let you know how to proceed.

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle rides in between two lanes of stopped or slow-moving vehicles. Such action can be used to zip through traffic jams, but it is dangerous and not legal in Massachusetts.

After a motorcycle accident, more parties than just the other driver could be at fault. The employer of a company driver could be held liable. A road maintenance supervisor could be responsible for unsafe road conditions causing an accident. A manufacturer could be liable if a defective product contributed to an accident.

In the state of Massachusetts, the statute of limitations (or the deadline) to file a personal injury case for a motorcycle accident is three years from the accident date.

If another driver or party was negligent, meaning he or she did not act with reasonable care and caution, their actions may have caused the accident. If this is the case, you may be awarded compensation for your accident-related expenses. Massachusetts does follow a modified comparative negligence law, however. This means that if the plaintiff’s own actions contributed to the accident, compensation can be reduced in accordance with the extent of the plaintiff’s blame.

Clearly, this list is not all-encompassing. Reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation where we can address the specifics of your case directly.

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, obtaining seasoned legal counsel may be the most important decision you make. The right firm will not only work to maximize your settlement but will help minimize your stress throughout the process.

For years we have successfully represented those in and around Springfield in their motorcycle accident lawsuits. Rest assured — we know that winning is NO accident. It is the result of unparalleled knowledge, significant experience and a proven approach.

We work hard on behalf of our clients, fighting for them like we would for a member of our own family.

We strongly believe that those who have been injured as a result of another person or organization’s negligence should be compensated for their losses. Our firm is ready to go to work for you today. Contact us at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282) to schedule a consultation. Together we can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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“I made a great decision when I hired Cava Law Firm to represent me in my accident suit. Atty Jennifer CAVA worked very hard to resolve my case and ensured that I received a settlement that I was so happy with. She was always professional and empathetic with an upbeat, positive attitude so… THANKS CAVA LAW FIRM! PMH” – Pia Hall (Google Review)

Attorney Christopher F. Cava

Attorney Christopher F. Cava is the founding partner of Cava Law Firm and possesses more than 25 years of trial experience. By focusing on personal injury, he provides better services to his clients by staying on top of the trends in the courts and remaining current on recent case law. Attorney Cava originally began his career in business with a background in accounting. His extensive knowledge of financial matters, the law, and the community ensures that clients recover every dollar they’re entitled to so they can be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
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It’s important to know that you’re not alone after a motorcycle accident. Even as bills start coming in and insurance companies start asking questions, you should be granted the time and space needed to heal. That’s why it’s essential to call a motorcycle accident lawyer from the start. Let us handle the insurance companies, paperwork, and processes for getting compensation.

Our legal team has a history of obtaining significant and fair settlements for our clients. We also take the time to listen to and discuss clients’ needs. Even though the consequences of a motorcycle accident can’t be undone, we can help make sure that you don’t suffer financially on top of other injuries and hardships.

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