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Whether for transportation or recreation, motorcycle riding lets riders experience the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, however, cars, trucks, and other vehicles too often neglect to be observant or share the road with motorcyclists, sometimes causing serious accidents necessitating the involvement of a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer. Even slight collisions can lead to serious injuries for motorcyclists.

Even for skilled and safe motorcyclists, accidents can happen when other drivers are negligent and refuse to drive with the caution and consideration that motorcycles deserve and require. After an accident, it’s easy to paint the picture that a reckless or irresponsible motorcycle operator caused the accident. However, a negligent opposing driver may very well be at fault.

If you’ve experienced an accident while behind the handlebars, a motorcycle accident lawyer at the Cava Law Firm wants to speak with you. Our attorneys are among the most compassionate and thorough motorcycle accident lawyers in Springfield. We fight for motorcycle accident victims’ full and fair compensation. Find out how our legal team can help you by contacting us at (413) 737-3430.


Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Contacting a Springfield motorcycle accident attorney will be one of the best calls you can make following an accident. Why? A motorcycle accident lawyer will fight on your behalf to recover fair compensation and to settle your accident claim while you focus on recovery.

After an accident, you’ll inevitably feel scared, stressed, and uncertain about what to do next. On top of that, insurance adjusters and representatives will try to reach you right away and push a settlement offer on you. Their goal is for you to sign a settlement that often severely undercuts the amount of damages and compensation needed to adequately cover accident-related expenses.

Don’t accept an insurance company’s initial settlement after your accident. Instead, let a motorcycle accident lawyer help you obtain the full compensation that you’re owed and you deserve from your accident.

If a negligent driver or other party was at fault for an accident, then you shouldn’t be stuck with medical debt, lost wages, and uncompensated pain and suffering, among other unfair consequences. Let a motorcycle accident attorney take on your case and negotiate and fight for you.

How Can a Springfield Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help My Case?

Attempting to recover compensation for an accident on your own will be difficult. An experienced Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer has the needed knowledge about court deadlines and processes, compensation for harm other than medical bills, and expert witnesses who can support your case. A local motorcycle accident attorney knows the area’s court system well and can guide you through the case and trial processes.

A motorcycle accident attorney is instrumental in figuring out what really happened during an accident if you’ve been hit by a car or other vehicle. By conducting a review and speaking with witnesses, an attorney can help to build a solid case by:

  • Reviewing copies of the police report
  • Speaking with accident witnesses
  • Obtaining copies of medical reports and bills for review
  • Consulting expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction experts
  • Visiting the accident scene to photograph surroundings and look at evidence.

What Compensation Can I Receive?

You may be able to receive compensation if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. Injured motorcyclists should not be hampered by debt from medical bills and doctor visits and should not suffer financially if they’re unable to work due to injury. Compensation for the above, among other things, may be available.

Speak with a Springfield motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss what compensation might be available.

The amount of compensation sought will depend on the extent of your injuries and specifics of your case. However, motorcycle accident compensation often covers:

  • Doctors’ visits and medical bills
  • Future medical costs and therapies, including future operations, physical therapy, and other expenses
  • Lost income and lost future wages if unable to work or unable to perform the same job
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering.

In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded. Such damages involve extra compensation for the victim, meant to punish the defendant for particularly reckless or dangerous behavior and actions.

Further, a wrongful death case after a fatal accident could involve additional compensation for funeral expenses and other damages.

What to Do After You Have Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Thinking clearly after a motorcycle accident is difficult. You’ll be stressed, anxious, and even in shock during the moments after a crash. However, there are steps you should take after a crash that can protect yourself and your case.

After an accident, it’s imperative to obtain essential information and evidence if you are in a condition to do so. Further, seeking medical attention and notifying authorities must be done as soon as possible. Finally, calling a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you’re able to is recommended. A lawyer can help keep your rights protected and advise on next steps with the claims process.

After being involved in a motorcycle crash, follow these steps below:

1. Call 911 and get medical attention – Injuries should be promptly treated. If you are unable to call 911, a bystander should call immediately. While motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries, even non-apparent injuries should be looked at. You could have underlying bodily damage that’s not immediately visible. A medical evaluation is also a key piece of evidence for any accident claim or case.

2. Request a police report – Be sure that you or a bystander calls the police and that officers report to the scene. A 911 call will usually signal both an ambulance and police to respond. Once at the scene, police should obtain information and make a written report of the accident, which is also key evidence for a case.

3. Inform your insurance company – While insurance companies often resist paying adequate compensation to accident victims, it’s still important to notify your insurance provider of the accident. You do not, however, have to provide very detailed information or speak about your condition. Saying you feel fine, for example, could be used to minimize your accident claim. If an insurance company, including yours, tries to offer you a settlement, don’t agree to it before reviewing with your Springfield motorcycle accident attorney.

4. Obtain driver information – Contact information from the other driver, as well as his or her driver’s license and insurance information, should be exchanged. As your abilities permit, it’s also wise to photograph the other driver’s car and take pictures of other damage, including any visible injuries.

5. Call a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer – Motorcycle accident lawyers in Springfield know how to help, whether it’s dealing with insurance companies on your behalf, keeping track of medical bills, or simply providing the support and advice needed to deal with the trauma after a crash. Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side from the start will be tremendously beneficial.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

In Massachusetts, it is required by law that motorcycle operators and passengers wear a helmet while on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motorcyclists and passengers who wear helmets have a 37 percent reduced risk of death and a 69 percent reduced risk of head injury.

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle rides in between two lanes of stopped or slow-moving vehicles. Such action can be used to zip through traffic jams. However, it is dangerous and not legal in Massachusetts.

After a motorcycle accident, more parties than just the other driver could be at fault. The employer of a company driver could be held liable. A road maintenance supervisor could be responsible for unsafe road conditions causing an accident. A manufacturer could be liable if a defective product contributed to an accident.

In the state of Massachusetts, the statute of limitations (or the deadline) to file a personal injury case for a motorcycle accident is three years from the accident date.

If another driver or party was negligent, meaning he or she did not act with reasonable care and caution, this negligence can lead to accidents. If such negligence caused your accident, you can likely be awarded compensation for your accident-related expenses. Massachusetts does follow a modified comparative negligence law, however. This means that if the plaintiff’s own actions contributed to the accident, compensation can be reduced in accordance with the extent of the plaintiff’s blame.

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