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Slip and fall personal injury claims are filed as the result of another person’s negligent act or inaction. Recovering compensation should not be hard, but when negotiations for a fair and just settlement break down, many people give in or give up. When this happens, they effectively end their opportunities to obtain a settlement that would compensate them for their losses.

Slip and fall claims are an area of premises liability law where insurance companies can be particularly uncompromising.

Claims adjusters have tried-and-true tactics to deny or reduce payouts. Unfortunately, unsuspecting victims may settle for less than they are entitled to because they are scared that they will walk away with nothing.

At Cava Law Firm, we have the experience and skills to do and get more. We are active members of our community and never want to see anyone lose out on important compensation. Our success is, in part, the product of the connections we make in our community. It all adds up to a bounty of resources and legal insight we use to win. After all, at Cava Law Firm, winning is NO accident––it’s strategically planned and passionately pursued.


Why Choose Us?

Cava Law Firm Exceeds Expectations

When you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, the compensation possible from a personal injury lawsuit can make a significant difference in your life. These accidents result in considerable costs – both tangible and intangible – that can have a major effect on your life. Thus, taking the right steps to maximize your settlement is not only important, it is critical.

The Springfield slip and fall lawyer whom you engage to represent you can have the greatest impact on your lawsuit. You want to select a professional whose experience and approach have proven successful in the past. Cava Law Firm is what you need.

Led by Christopher Cava, the firm has over 25 years of experience handling personal injury and premises liability cases in Springfield and the surrounding area. We have an in-depth understanding of the law and hands-on experience both in the local courts and with area insurance companies. Basically, we know all the players and are confident in our ability to work with them.

Throughout our years of operation, our firm has developed an approach to service that is client-focused and second to none.

It is based on the knowledge that each client is deserving of our full attention and every situation is unique. Thus, we focus on details, which can be critically important, and we make sure that we communicate clearly, kindly and regularly. We also ensure that all our clients know that we will help answer any questions they might have. They are encouraged to reach out to us with all their concerns, regardless of size.

Finally, Cava Law Firm has a reputation for maximizing client settlements. Our record of success is proven. We know how important appropriate settlements are to individuals who have been injured in slip and fall accidents. The money they receive helps pay their bills (in both the short and long terms) and compensate them for unimaginable losses. We work hard on their behalf; we share their definition of success.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact us immediately at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282). The statute of limitations for filing slip and fall claims is three years from the date of the accident for most cases, there are certain circumstances where the time limits vary. The process can be time-consuming – you don’t want to waste a moment!

How Our Slip and Fall Lawyer Helps You

Guidance, Representation, Action

When you need your property landscaped, you hire a gardener. When you need your taxes done, you reach out to a CPA. So, when you have been injured in an accident, you should engage a slip and fall lawyer.

Filing a lawsuit is a complex and multi-step process. Your time is best spent recovering from your injuries. We can handle the details.

As your slip and fall attorney, we will:

  • Investigate your accident: This includes gathering and reviewing evidence, including the accident reports, witness accounts, photos, and videos.
  • Complete and file legal paperwork: This time-consuming task must be completed accurately and in accordance with the statute of limitations. Missing important deadlines can result the dismissal of your case:
  • Assume responsibility for all communication: This is perhaps one of our most important services. You do not (and should not) speak with anyone regarding your case. Refer them all to us.
  • Calculate your losses: While some costs are easy to determine, others are more challenging. Our slip and fall lawyer will make sure to account for all of your losses, both economic and non-economic.
  • Negotiate with insurance company representatives: We are known for our negotiating skills and will leverage them to get you the best possible settlement.
  • Represent you in court: If we cannot come to an agreement with the insurance companies, we will not hesitate to go to court, where we will aggressively litigate to protect you and your future.

We have the knowledge and experience to skillfully handle your lawsuit, and we are ready to go to work immediately. We are committed to managing the process effectively and efficiently, always looking out for your best interests. Contact us today at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282) to schedule your free consultation.

Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents in Springfield

When a Simple Fall Necessitates a Complex Legal Process

Springfield, Massachusetts, is home to many great places to work, sites to visit, shops to browse, and hotels to stay in. But when out and about, shopping at the mall or at the grocery store, there’s a chance you could encounter a hazardous situation. If you slip, trip, and/or fall, you can hurt yourself. Property or business owners could be liable for damages. The right slip and fall injury lawyer in Springfield will listen to your case and outline your options.

At Cava Law Firm, we are invested in our community and are deeply committed to our clients. We shop at the same places you do. We work right around the corner from you. We know the people and the area and are familiar with places prone to accidents. We use our legal knowledge and firsthand experience in the community to inform our personal injury law practice. Our understanding of the Springfield community guides how and why our slip and fall accident lawyers practice law.

Slip and fall claims can be difficult to prove, and the injuries can be severe and life changing. Many personal injury attorneys avoid these types of cases because they can be complex and put a strain on resources. We welcome the challenge.

How a Smart Springfield Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Win Your Case

Winning a case is not only about negotiating the total sum of the settlement. You must first craft a winning argument supported by solid evidence. These things all require that you substantiate all the elements of a slip and fall claim, which also involves proving liability.

Insurance companies and defendants are committed to protecting themselves. Thus, they have solid challenges they regularly use against slip and fall lawsuits. They may claim that:

  • You should have been aware of the dangerous condition because it was obvious or sectioned-off by signs.
  • You weren’t paying attention to where you were going.
  • Your footwear was inappropriate for the location or circumstances.
  • You failed to take the care needed in the situation.
  • You noticed the snow and ice or dangerous conditions before you fell.

The common thread above is that your injuries are quite simply your own fault. They do not want to pay; and under Massachusetts modified comparative negligence law, they do not have to if a judge or jury could find you 51 percent or more at-fault for the fall.

As the claimant, you must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the property owner or business manager was at fault.

Providing solid evidence and proactively showing that you were not careless will be critical. The evidence we will use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Eyewitness accounts;
  • Expert testimony;
  • A store’s records of internal or external inspections for safety;
  • The business’s schedule of inspections;
  • News reports;
  • Photographs;
  • Security camera footage; and/or
  • Weather reports.

This leads us to another critical point: securing the evidence. Security camera footage is deleted periodically. We must send a “spoliation letter” quickly to prevent losing key evidence. Thus, after a slip and fall accident, time is a commodity we cannot afford to waste. You should contact us immediately at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282).

We will prove liability by satisfying all elements of a slip and fall premises liability claim, which include:

  1. Duty of care. The owner had a duty to maintain the premises, inspect for hazardous conditions, and timely address hazardous conditions.
  2. An unsafe condition was present on the premises and the owner was aware or should have been aware of it.
  3. The accident could have been prevented if reasonable caution was used.
  4. Because of the owner’s negligence, an accident occurred.
  5. The victim suffered monetarily quantifiable damages.

We will work tirelessly to accumulate available evidence and leverage our legal skills to prove negligence in order to maximize your settlement.

Springfield Slip and Fall Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Cava Slip and Fall Lawyer Responds

We know you are anxious about your injury and recovery. Below we have shared and answered some of the most common questions we get about slip and fall accidents in Springfield, Massachusetts.

After a slip and fall, safety is your priority. Depending on the specific circumstances of your accident, you will also want to consider:

  • Contacting emergency personnel for assistance, especially if you are immobilized.
  • Taking pictures and/or videos of the scene while you wait for or after help arrives.
  • Gathering contact information of any potential witnesses.
  • Requesting a claim form if the accident occurred in a store, restaurant, hotel, or another similar establishment.
  • Contacting Cava Law Firm–– our slip and fall lawyers will review your case, answer your specific questions, and advise you on your best options.

We understand you don’t want to ask for compensation from family members or friends. It’s good to know that homeowners and many renters pay for or are required to have insurance on their home or rental space. In most personal injury claims in Springfield, a slip and fall injury lawyer will settle with the insurance company.

There are many causes for a slip, trip or fall. Some of the most common we see in our personal injury claims are these:

  • Wet floors;
  • Bad or damaged flooring;
  • Inappropriately lit hallways, stairways, parking lots, or other common access areas;
  • Damaged stairs or sidewalks;
  • Poorly operated or managed escalators or elevators;
  • Mishandled or mislabeled liquids or substances;
  • Lack of signs or other warnings;
  • Blocked or misplaced items in the path of foot traffic; and
  • Uncleared ice and snow from a previous storm.

Some of the most common injuries that we see in our personal injury practice include:

  • Broken or fractured bones;
  • Bone or joint dislocation;
  • Bruises, cuts, lacerations;
  • Soft tissue damage, strains, sprains;
  • Neck and back injuries; and
  • Head injuries.

Keep in mind, too, that a person may have a pre-existing health condition that could exacerbate any one of these injuries. For example, an elderly person with osteoporosis can easily break a hip from a simple fall. Hip fractures are particularly devastating because studies, like this one published by BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, show that seniors have a high risk of dying within one year after a hip fracture.

In Massachusetts, for a personal injury claim, you can seek compensatory damages. These include special and general damages.Special damages include:

  • Property replacement or repairs;
  • Medical expenses (past and future);
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of earning capacity (if you can’t work in the same position or can’t work at all); and/or
  • Household expenses.

General damages include:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement;
  • Disability or impairment;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Reduced quality of life;
  • Loss of companionship (in wrongful death cases).

In Massachusetts, you have three years from the date the cause of action accrued, in most cases. That may seem like a lot of time, but the legal process is time consuming, and insurance companies often try to exhaust the time through settlement negotiations to prevent you from filing a timely lawsuit.

Contact our slip and fall lawyer today at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282) to schedule a no-cost consultation during which we will address your additional concerns.

Cava Law Firm Can Help You Maximize Your Slip and Fall Settlement

Contact Our Slip and Fall Attorney Today

Slip and fall accident victims often feel as if their lives have spun out of control. After all, many were injured while going about their daily lives. In times like these it is beneficial to control what you can – like engaging the right professionals to help you get the best possible settlement.

At Cava Law Firm, we understand and appreciate the helplessness you may feel. We are ready to take the reins on your case and do everything within our power to help you move forward.

Let us leverage our knowledge, experience, and approach on your behalf. We know how to handle slip and fall cases in Springfield, Massachusetts, and are ready to go to work for you immediately.

Reach out to our team today at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282) to schedule a free consultation. During this meeting we can learn more about your accident and share how we can best serve you. We give 100% effort to all our clients; we know that winning is NO accident – hard work and dedication truly make a difference.

Client Testimonial

“Mr. Cava is advocating for my mother currently and helping her to stand her ground against the big corporation that couldn’t be bothered to make necessary repairs and code updates resulting in my mother’s fall and subsequent broken arm. Grateful for his voice and help here so she isn’t manipulated by a corporate legal team to accept anything less than what their wanton negligence entitles her to. Thank you, Sir.” – Doug McCarthy (Google Review)

Attorney Christopher F. Cava

Attorney Christopher F. Cava is the founding partner of Cava Law Firm and possesses more than 25 years of trial experience. By focusing on personal injury, he provides better services to his clients by staying on top of the trends in the courts and remaining current on recent case law. Attorney Cava originally began his career in business with a background in accounting. His extensive knowledge of financial matters, the law, and the community ensures that clients recover every dollar they’re entitled to so they can be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
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    Attorney Christopher F. Cava has a strong trial background. This experience complements his personal injury practice. Insurance adjusters know that when they are dealing with Cava Law Firm, they are dealing with a law firm who is not afraid to file a lawsuit and take the case and go before a judge and jury. Attorney Jennifer L. Cava-Foreman has a legal background in both personal injury law and criminal defense. This experience, too, is beneficial. She is comfortable in court and creating compelling arguments that support and prove both injury and criminal cases.

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