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Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle gives us an incredible sense of freedom. However, motorcycles also leave us more vulnerable on the road. When an accident happens, bikers can suffer severe injuries from much larger vehicles. What steps should you take after a motorcycle crash to protect yourself both physically and financially? Get to Safety Immediately after an accident, your top priority needs to be getting out of harm's way. Remain calm, and do not remove your helmet or protective... CONTINUE READING

When to File a Construction Accident Lawsuit

Construction sites contain many hazards that can lead to dangerous accidents. In fact, over 170,000 construction accidents happen each year nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you or someone you care about got hurt in an accident at a construction site, you might be wondering if you should take legal acti... CONTINUE READING

Important Coverage Areas on an Insurance Policy

You have many options when securing auto insurance, but the important coverage areas on an insurance policy may differ. Many people focus on just meeting state minimum coverage requirements, but this is usually not as much as you would actually need should you have an accident -- damage and injury costs can be quite high. Including collision and comprehensive auto insurance in your policy can protect... CONTINUE READING

Are Nursing Homes Liable For Falls?

Nursing homes have a legal responsibility to keep residents safe and prevent accidents. While many people think of abusive staff or a failure to provide proper medical treatment when they imagine nursing home neglect, falls are one of the most common dangers. And, sadly, the consequences of a fall could be deadly. A nursing home has been entrusted to provide quality care, so residents should be able to rely on staff to prevent falls. If they do not meet their obligation and a reside... CONTINUE READING

Maximizing Compensation In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Lawsuit Personal injury settlements can vary widely. No matter the extent of your injuries, you want to receive the maximum compensation possible from your personal injury claim. Unfortunately, not everyone achieves this goal. Those who do maximize their recovery do it because they work with reputable counsel, like Cava Law Firm. We strategize and execute a plan to make it happen. Keep reading to learn about how a qualified persona... CONTINUE READING

What Is Personal Injury Protection in Massachusetts?

Motor vehicle insurance policies can be complicated. Some are “no-fault” policies, where regardless of who is at fault for your injuries, you can receive compensation from your own insurance provider. In Massachusetts, a policy’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is a “no-fault” benefit, crucial for paying medical bills stemming from a car accident, including seeking maximum compensa... CONTINUE READING

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim After a Motorcycle Accident?

Riding motorcycles is fun and exhilarating. Whether you’re just commuting to work every day or taking the open road for a joy ride, motorcycles provide an exciting way to travel. One of the only downsides to motorcycles is the lack of safety features, resulting in severe injuries after a motorcycle accident. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you’re likely wondering how you’ll be able to cover your medical expenses and financial losses. This may lead you to w... CONTINUE READING

How Long Do You Have to Sue for Personal Injury?

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Determine How Long You Have to Sue When you suffer a severe personal injury, it is a traumatic, devastating experience that can impact the rest of your life.  After an accident, you have to deal with not only physical and emotional pain, but the financial losses from medical, hospital, and rehabilitative bills, the loss of income from being unable to work, and the possibility of property damage resulting from the accident.  If your injury was d... CONTINUE READING

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    What Should I Do if I Am in a Car Accident With a Drunk Driver in Massachusetts?

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