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Springfield children are frequently injured during the course of their youth. Often they are to blame for their own injuries, but sometimes negligent or unlawfully acting adults are behind child injuries. When they are, victims and their families can seek the services of an experienced Springfield child injury lawyer to recover valuable compensation for their losses.

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Child Injuries: Who Is to Blame?

Determining who is to blame after a child is injured is one of the first steps toward recovering compensation for the harm caused. Accomplishing this task requires a close look at the circumstances and the people involved.


Adults have general as well as special duties of care toward children. General duties include behaving in a reasonably safe manner when around others, including children. For example, adult drivers have a general duty of care to other travelers, as they do in every circumstance involving other people.

On top of these general duties, some adults also have special and statutory duties of care. For example, parents have various duties of care toward their children that other adults do not. Schools, daycares, and other parties that take care of children also have enhanced responsibilities toward them. Breaches of these duties that result in injury to a child can lead to a lawsuit.

Other Children

Children cause each other harm routinely but not purposefully. However, children are held to different standards than adults in negligence cases. They are deemed incapable of being negligent or contributorily negligent when under the age of seven. As they age, however, they come to understand more about the consequences of their actions and may be held to a higher standard. Still, children who harm other children often escape liability unless malicious acts are involved, in which case their parents may be held liable.

Groups or Organizations

Children engage in all manner of activities without their parents being present on a daily basis, such as:

  • School;
  • Organized sports and activities;
  • Religious group activities;
  • After school programs;
  • Volunteering; and
  • Daycare activities.

In each of these activities, adults are present to watch over minors and take responsibility in the event of any issues. They can be held liable for child injuries if they breach their duties of care.


Damages become payable in the face of a strong case of liability and a detailed accounting of harm suffered by the victim. The more serious the injury, the higher the damages sought.

Common childhood injuries that lead to significant damages include:

  • Broken bones and fractures;
  • Burns;
  • Poisoning;
  • Neglect;
  • Lacerations and abrasions;
  • Amputations;
  • Asphyxiation; or
  • Drowning.

When someone is to blame for a child’s injuries, a lapse or unlawful act has typically taken place, such as:

  • Failure to properly monitor a child;
  • Allowing a child to use dangerous equipment or material;
  • Failure to provide reasonable safety measures for an activity;
  • Negligent or reckless driving;
  • Pushing a child beyond their limits; or
  • General dangerous or reckless behavior around children.

Intentional acts are also, sadly, a common cause of child injuries.

Time Limits and Quick Action

There is a statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits. Plaintiffs have three years to file suit or lose out on the compensation they are owed. However, in the case of children, the statute of limitations rules are a bit different. Minors do not become subject to the statute of limitations for personal injury until they reach the age of 18. After turning 18, the three-year clock begins counting down.

Delayed action can result in losing your chance for compensation. Do not wait to pursue your lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about child injury from the information below. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

What should I do if my child was injured by someone else?

Parents whose child is injured by someone else are strongly advised to immediately get proper medical care and treatment for their child. Delays and lack of treatment can lead to further injury and also harm your claim for compensation.

Once the child has been treated, parents may also want to consider calling the police or another authority, depending on the circumstances. Finally, parents should promptly reach out to an experienced child injury lawyer familiar with Springfield for a free consultation and direction.

Why should I hire a child injury lawyer representing Springfield clients?

Your child’s injuries deserve full compensation. Without a Springfield child injury lawyer, however, you will more than likely receive a substandard payout from the insurance company. In some cases, unrepresented claimants receive substantially less than represented clients, or nothing at all.

How much does a Springfield child injury lawyer cost?

Springfield child injury attorney’s fees are due only at the end of the case and only if the attorney successfully recovers damages. The amount of the legal fees is based on a percentage of the total case recovery.,

How much compensation does my child deserve for their injuries?

The amount of compensation owed for your child’s injuries depends on many factors, including:

  • The type and seriousness of the injury;
  • The direct effect of the injuries on the child’s life and future; and
  • Whether you have a Springfield child injury lawyer representing you.

Another factor that comes into play is the time it takes you to take action after your child’s accident. Waiting too long can lead to evidence problems and could affect the outcome of the case. Therefore, if your child has suffered an injury, it is important to contact a child injury lawyer representing Springfield clients as soon as possible.

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