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What to Do If a FedEx Truck Hits Your Car

When you drive safely, obey the rules of the road, and respect the rights of other travelers, you trust other drivers to do the same. But what happens when another driver’s choices put you, your passengers, and your vehicle in danger? Do you know what to do if a FedEx truck hits your car? Knowing that another driver has disregarded your health and safety can make you feel vulnerable and afraid. This is especially true when the other driver is behind the wheel of a larger vehicle,... CONTINUE READING

How Often Do Car Accident Cases Go to Court?

When you make a personal injury claim for compensation after a car accident, you put a series of events in motion that may or may not result in your case going to court. It's crucial during this time to be aware of the steps to take after a car accident to ensure your rights are protected. But just how often do car accident cases go to court? There's no definite answer on how often a car accident claim goes to court, as pers... CONTINUE READING

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    What Is Modified Comparative Negligence in Massachusetts?

    In some states, personal injury victims who are as little as 1% responsible for injuries they suffer are barred from seeking compensation from someone else. However, in Massachusetts, a different system -- known as modified comparative negligence -- is in place. What is modified comparative negli...