What to Do If a FedEx Truck Hits Your Car

When you drive safely, obey the rules of the road, and respect the rights of other travelers, you trust other drivers to do the same. But what happens when another driver’s choices put you, your passengers, and your vehicle in danger? Do you know what to do if a FedEx truck hits your car?

Knowing that another driver has disregarded your health and safety can make you feel vulnerable and afraid. This is especially true when the other driver is behind the wheel of a larger vehicle, like a FedEx truck. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on your own limited understanding of how an accident should be handled for peace of mind.

Keep reading to find out exactly what to do if you have been hit by a FedEx truck.

Understanding the Risk

FedEx is the proud owner of nearly 78,000 trucks. And with the current demand for shipping, we can expect that number to rise with each passing year. While there’s no reason to assume that FedEx drivers pose any more of a risk than other drivers on the road, their vehicles can prove more deadly than your average Prius.

Even without their standard loads, these vehicles can weigh 23,000 lbs or more. This extra weight makes FedEx trucks more difficult to handle than the traditional vehicle. And in a collision, their heft can lead to more devastating injuries. Naturally, if a FedEx truck hits your car, you’ll want to know what to do. Consulting a Springfield truck accident lawyer can provide valuable guidance in such situations.

How to Move Forward After a Collision with a FedEx Truck

Now you know the kind of risk you face when you collide with a FedEx truck. But how should you proceed after such an accident? If you’re looking for answers to the question, “What to do if a FedEx truck hits your car?” here they are:

First, Call 911

Your first thought should be for your own safety and the safety of anyone else who may have been injured. With that in mind, you should call 911 as soon as possible. Request both police and medical attention so that any injuries get the immediate care they require.

Keep in mind that on top of keeping the scene and injured persons safe, first responders will ensure that all details are recorded and accessible down the road. And because not all injuries present immediately, it’s wise to get checked out even if you don’t feel any pain.

Second, Request a Report

Speak to the police and make a request for an official report of the incident. This will require the police officers to take a closer look at the scene, speak with drivers and witnesses, and provide a third-party picture of the accident. When it comes to proving that the other driver was at fault later on, this kind of information can be invaluable.

Third, Get the Driver’s Information

Don’t let the FedEx driver leave the scene until you have spoken to them and jotted down their information. At a minimum, you need the driver’s name, license number, and insurance information. If you end up hiring an attorney, this will help them get in touch with the FedEx driver and their legal team.

Fourth, Document the Scene

The police report will cover a lot of the details regarding the cause of the accident and other important information. But it’s always a good idea to do your own documenting before you leave the scene. Try snapping some photographs of the road conditions, vehicle damages, injuries, and other important details when you can. In cases like these, a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer can offer advice on how to proceed, ensuring that your documentation aligns with legal requirements.

Of course, nothing is more important than your well-being. If you must leave the scene before you’re able to take pictures, that’s okay, too.

Fifth, Speak with Eyewitnesses

In the fortunate event that there are eyewitnesses to the event, don’t let those resources go to waste. Gather names, phone numbers, and other relevant pieces of information from these individuals. Your attorney will thank you later.

Sixth, Follow Up

Unfortunately, what happens on the day of the accident doesn’t stay on the day of the accident. In other words, you will need to follow up with both your medical and legal teams in the coming days, weeks, and months.

As you attend your medical appointments, you’ll do three things:

  1. Ensure that your health is taken care of;
  2. Communicate to the court that you take your health seriously; and
  3. Create a record of the treatments you’ve required and expenses you’ve paid.

Each of these details will help you during your claim or filing a lawsuit with the court against FedEx and the truck driver. It’s equally important for you to remain in touch with your attorney guiding you through the process.

The Types of Injuries You Might Experience

If you’re thinking, “I don’t know what to do if a FedEx truck hits my car,” you’ll probably also wonder about the kinds of injuries you might sustain and how to take care of them. Similarly, if an incident involves other delivery vehicles, knowing what to do if an Amazon truck hits your car is equally important. In such a situation, consulting with a car accident lawyer in Chicopee can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the aftermath of the accident effectively. As with any automobile accident, when you get hit by a FedEx truck, you’re at risk of:

  • Concussion;
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Whiplash;
  • Back and/or spinal injury;
  • Psychological injury, including PTSD and depression;
  • Internal injuries; and/or
  • Broken bones.

Any one of these injuries could leave you with debilitating effects and long-term medical costs. If that’s the case, you’re entitled to compensation, especially if the other driver was at fault.

Make sure to give your attorney all of the details about the specific injuries you sustained when you start to build your case. And if the accident was a hit and run, include that information as well.

What to Expect from a Settlement

Any expenses you reasonably accrue as the result of a FedEx truck hitting your vehicle should be covered by FedEx, the driver, and/or the relevant insurance providers. Some of the expenses may include:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Treatment expenses;
  • Damages for pain and suffering;
  • Lost wages;
  • Future lost wages; and/or
  • Future medical expenses.

If you expect to have long-term consequences from the accident, it’s especially important for you to contact an attorney. Keep in mind that proving fault in these cases can sometimes be difficult, especially since many FedEx drivers are independent contractors, which can complicate matters. An attorney will know exactly how to proceed with getting you the payout you deserve.

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