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If a Driver Fled the Scene, a Springfield Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Can Still Get Compensation for You.

Car accidents are always traumatic and stressful events that can result in major physical damage and damaged property. What’s worse, if the other driver involved in the accident drove off and fled the scene, you’re left on your own—although a Springfield hit and run lawyer can still help you. In Massachusetts, drivers involved in accidents are required to pull over and exchange contact information with the other driver when possible. If a driver leaves the scene before making such an exchange, it’s considered a hit and run accident.

Compensation can still be obtained for hit and run accident victims. A hit and run lawyer can work with you and your insurance company to recover damages that resulted from the accident. Further, if the other driver is located later, they’ll face criminal charges and civil penalties for fleeing the accident scene. Trust the hit and run lawyers at the Cava Law Firm in Springfield to pursue compensation for you even when the other party fled the scene, and especially if you suffered an injury. Request a free consultation with us by calling (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282).


How Can Hit and Run Lawyers in Springfield Help Me Get Compensation After a Hit and Run?

Massachusetts state law follows a “no fault” policy when it comes to car accidents. For hit and run accident victims, this policy is especially helpful. A no fault policy, as explained by a Springfield personal injury lawyer, means that your personal insurance can pay for your medical expenses and other costs following an accident. In many states and circumstances, receiving compensation after an accident is based on holding another negligent driver or party accountable for their actions.

In the case of a hit and run, there is no other driver present to hold accountable. By working with a Springfield hit and run lawyer, you may be able to receive certain damages, such as coverage for medical bills, from your existing insurance coverage areas. Similarly, understanding when to file a construction accident lawsuit can be equally important in situations where injuries occur in a different context, ensuring that victims are informed about their rights and the appropriate timing for legal action.

If another driver hit you and then fled the scene, a hit and run lawyer can still help you obtain as much compensation as possible to cover accident costs.

What Types of Compensation Can a Springfield Hit and Run Accident Attorney Recover?

Careful and responsible drivers can still end up the victims of car accidents. Those accidents are made worse when another driver illegally leaves the accident scene in order to avoid consequences or for some other self-serving reason. However, car accident victims in such situations should still contact a Springfield hit and run accident lawyer, specifically seeking the expertise of a Car Accident Lawyer in Springfield, to seek compensation for their losses.

  • Medical expenses, including past, current, and future bills and expenses
  • Lost wages due to inability to work
  • Loss of potential future earning capacity
  • Property damage and vehicle repair costs.

Car accident victims often work with a car accident attorney to obtain non-economic damages in addition to compensation for the areas listed above. “steps to take after a car accident” include immediate actions to ensure safety and legal readiness, such as documenting the scene and exchanging information with other parties involved. These steps are crucial in building a strong case for both economic and non-economic damages. Non-economic damages include compensation for losses that cannot be as easily quantified and are not based on actual expenses, such as pain and suffering, for example. For those in Chicopee workers’ compensation lawyer can provide additional support in navigating these complex claims, ensuring victims receive fair compensation for both economic and non-economic damages.   

However, such damages are typically received from an opposing driver or other party who was involved in the accident. In a hit and run, the other driver is unknown. Therefore, it’s key to work with a determined and resolute hit and run accident attorney, like a Springfield wrongful death lawyer, who will work to recover as much compensation as possible via economic damages, like those listed above, which are open to compensation.   

What Defines a Hit and Run Accident?

To qualify as a hit and run accident, a driver needs only to strike another vehicle and then leave the scene without stopping or without fulfilling legal obligations. A driver must give his name, address, and motor vehicle registration number to the other driver or party involved in an accident, according to Massachusetts state law. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and need legal assistance, consider contacting motorcycle accident attorneys in Springfield, who can guide you through the necessary steps to take after a motorcycle accident, ensuring you receive the support and compensation you deserve.

Hit and run accidents occur when drivers panic or when they are trying to avoid consequences of an accident, such as being held responsible or driving while intoxicated. As soon as you realize you are the victim of a hit and run, you should call the police, if possible.


Common Questions for a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

You probably have many questions for a car accident attorney if you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident. Below are several frequently asked questions discussing common concerns.

You should report a hit and run accident immediately to police, assuming you are capable of doing so. By reporting the hit and run accident quickly, police can have a better chance at catching the driver who fled the scene. Massachusetts drivers must report an accident, including hit and run accidents, within five days of the accident, as long as they are physically capable of doing so.

Accidents are scary, traumatic, and deeply unsettling events. You can be left shaken and both physically and mentally hurt. After a hit and run, you should still receive fair compensation for your damages, as you should not have to face daunting medical bills and other expenses because another driver irresponsibly fled the scene.

Hiring a Springfield hit and run lawyer can take the burden off you. A hit and run lawyer can handle the paperwork and negotiate with your insurance company for full and adequate damages. Hit and run lawyers in Springfield have the experience and knowledge needed to make sure you get fair compensation, as even your own insurance company will probably not offer adequate money to cover all your expenses. However, it’s the job of your Springfield hit and run accident attorney to make sure that they do.

Probably not. Even if you’ve held insurance with the same company for a long time, their job is to lose as little money as possible when paying claims and providing compensation. Therefore, it’s important to work with a Springfield hit and run accident lawyer who can help ensure that you get paid a fair amount for your accident-related expenses. If the other driver in an accident is unknown, you’ll likely have to work with your own insurance company. A skilled hit and run accident attorney can assist with negotiating an amount that adequately covers your many accident-related expenses.

When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, they are breaking the law. If police are able to catch the driver, they face criminal charges and severe penalties, including possible fines, jail-time, and driver’s license suspension. Additionally, if the driver is caught, you may be able to work with a Springfield hit and run accident attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver so that you can recover full compensation for the damages related to the accident.

For answers to additional questions about your case, we recommend speaking with our Springfield hit and run lawyer. Call the Cava Law Firm at (413) 737-3430 or (413) 781-CAVA (2282) and ask for a no-charge consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Have You Been Hit by Another Driver Who Fled the Scene? Do This Next.

The stress and trauma of a car accident can be accompanied by bewilderment and shock that the other driver involved sped away from the accident scene. While you may be in no condition to take any action after being involved in a serious accident, there are important steps to take, as you’re able, to protect yourself and your accident claim.

Seek Medical Care

If you’ve been the victim of a hit and run accident, obtaining emergency medical care for yourself and anyone else injured is your primary concern. If you’re able, call 911 immediately. It’s also important that police respond to the accident in order to make a police report and be aware that the other driver fled the scene.

Even if you feel fine after an accident, you should still receive a medical evaluation, as underlying injuries could pose a threat. Further, a medical report can be a key piece of evidence in your accident claim.

Document the Accident Scene

Take photos of your damaged car and any surrounding property or structural damage. If there were any eyewitnesses, obtain their contact information. If you’re in a condition to obtain this information, it can be used as important evidence for your accident case.

Note the Other Driver’s Details

If you had a chance to see the other driver or their vehicle, note as many details as you can. What did the driver look like? What was the make and color of the vehicle that struck you? Which direction did it travel? If you’re able to recall and record any of these details, this information can help police and your accident case.

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You’re Not Left Stranded After a Hit and Run Accident

Contact a Springfield Hit and Run Lawyer Right Away

Remember, you aren’t helpless just because another driver fled the scene after an accident. A Springfield hit and run lawyer can still help you to obtain just monetary compensation for your expenses. And if the driver who sped off is found, they’ll likely face stiff criminal and civil penalties when caught.

Winning is NO Accident!

At the Cava Law Firm, our hit and run lawyers in Springfield will take the time needed to learn about your case. They know how best to help you obtain compensation in spite of a driver who fled the accident scene. A car accident causes enough physical damage and mental anguish—don’t suffer financially because of another driver’s bad move. Call a hit and run lawyer at the Cava Law Firm at (413) 737-3430 and request a free consultation.