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Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Serving Personal Injury and Accident Victims in East Hartford

It takes only a split second for a pleasurable motorcycle ride to result in a catastrophic accident. Despite having the same rights on the road as other automobiles, motorcycles are often at a disadvantage and are at greater risk of danger.

Due to their size and nature, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, usually resulting in very severe injuries. Oftentimes, inattentive drivers may fail to see the motorcyclist and since motorcycles do not have the type of protective frame, body, and air bags, which automobiles provide, the resulting accident is often catastrophic.

For many residents of Connecticut and America as a whole, riding a bike is a favorite pastime as well as a convenient mode of transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often wrongly tagged as reckless and irresponsible which can make it difficult to get adequate compensation in the event of an accident.

Injured motorcyclists who hire Cava Law Firm can rest assured that their case will be handled by experienced motorcycle accident lawyers who know how to counter negative perceptions and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Common causes and consequences of motorcycle accidents


Bad road conditions

Inclement weather

Driver distraction and inattention; and

Reckless driving

Such reckless acts often result in severe injuries and economic losses including:

Head injury


Multiple fractured bones

Brain damage

Leg injuries

Arm injuries

Knee injuries

Broken ribs



Present and future loss of income

Exorbitant medical bills

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, then you may be entitled to seek compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. Contact Cava Law Firm’s experienced motorcycle accident attorneys to get started.

What to do after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, the following are recommended steps you should take:

1. Take pictures of the accident including pictures of your injuries, damaged motorcycle, and anything else from the scene of the accident that may be useful, if you are physically able.

2. Call the police and preferably, get the police to visit the scene of the accident to create a record of the accident in a police report.

3. You should immediately see a doctor to seek treatment for any injuries you may have sustained in your accident.

4. Consult an experienced auto accident lawyer at Cava Law Firm and share the details of the accident and plan the next steps in your care and treatment.

5. You should inform your insurance company about the accident.

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Cava Law Firm are always available to assess your case at no charge to give you an experienced evaluation of your case and the compensation you may be entitled to.

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